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    Note: Electricity Texas  is not your Texas electricity provider.  We are agents that represent Texas electric companies, helping you to get cheaper electricity rates for your home or business.  Electricity Texas  does not maintain the electricity generation into your home or business, please contact your wires company/ TDSP (Transmission Distribution Service Provider) located on your electric bill to report problems with your electricity service or to report an outage.  You have the power to choose your Texas electric company. Texas energy providers will compete for your business – so exercise your power to choose and select your electric service from a competitive Texas electric company.  ElectricityTX – Giving Texans a Powerful Choice. You can order electric service online from the following energy providers that we represent: TXU Energy, Accent Energy / Dynowatt, Cirro Energy, Champion Energy Services, Green Mountain Energy, First Choice Power, StarTex Power, Gateway Energy, Bounce Energy and others.

    Texas lawmakers knew they were taking a big step when they deregulated the Texas electricity industry back in 2002. Although other states deregulated their energy at roughly the same time, some of those states are now considering adding regulations back into the way their power industry operates. Texas, however, has never regretted its deregulation. While Texas electricity transmission wires and poles in this state are still regulated, there is no doubt that retail and wholesale electricity will stay competitive in Texas. In truth, the end of the monopolies held by the electricity utilities has resulted in many benefits for both consumers and businesses. Texas lawmakers feel that the step they took by deregulating the industry has made the state stronger as a whole.

    It is interesting to look at where the switches in Texas energy companies are taking place. Private residents are not really interested in changing their retail electricity providers even though they are offered prices that are significantly lower than what they are currently paying for Texas energy. The bigger businesses, however, are clearly noticing the opportunities to save money provided by electric deregulation. The energy costs of some businesses range between five and ten percent of their total operating expenses. If companies can lower their electricity costs by switching providers they will save money in a way that previously was unavailable. The potential savings open up an impressive array of opportunities for these businesses, including business expansion, hiring new workers and additional operations.

    All you have to think about is when you save energy, you’re actually cutting down the costs of your Texas utility bill. This can be as easy as looking around your home or business and seeing what you can do to make the change. One of the first options is to switch to fluorescent light bulbs. We recommend going with the ones that have the energy Star label because they are more cost effective. Then of course just by turning your lights off when you don’t need to use them can make a huge difference. So make it a note to turn off the lights when you leave your room.  Even though the lighting is probably the first thing you consider, there are other ways to cut down on your electricity. A great example of this is all the electronic equipment in your home. Any time you have something on standby you’ll find that it is draining electricity. So if you’re not using your computer for a bit, turn it off. The same goes for DVD players, TVs, coffee machines, and anything else that you notice is costing you money. If they are all attached to a power strip, turn the power strip off until you need it again.

    The windows in your home can also help you to reduce electricity and save money. Throughout the winter we recommend keeping the drapes and shades closed throughout the night and then opening them up during the day. This will allow sunlight to enter the home and provide more warmth, and cut down on your heating bill. If by chance your windows have drafts, don’t be afraid to place plastic sheeting over them to keep it out.  During the summer months it would be wise to switch to white lines or white backed curtains. These will reflect the sun’s rays and keep your home cooler. We also recommend keeping your curtains closed during the day on any window that faces west or south. You can even go as far as applying reflective or shade film during the hot summer months.

    There can be additional savings with your cleaning appliances as well. Take the time to shut off your dishwasher after a wash cycle and towel dry the dishes instead. You also want to only run the dishwasher when it’s full. If there are only a few in there, either wash them by hand or wait until there is enough for a full load. We also recommend doing the same thing with your washer and dryer. Wasting electricity on partial loads can be quite costly overtime.  Even if you take a quicker shower you can have a monumental benefit under all costs. You may want to turn on your hot water heater 120° or insulate it so it won’t kick on so often. Then of course something that seems small like faucet leaks need to be fixed right away. Over the course of a year you can waste several gallons of water if they aren’t attended to properly.

    Hopefully these small tips helped you realize that just by doing the little things, you can save tons of money on your energy costs. It’s all about becoming aware of what is and what is not necessary. Each month when you get your utility bill it will be a nice change to see it much lower. Plus, you’ll be doing your part to conserve energy resources and protect our planet.

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