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    Choosing the right electricity provider is more crucial to a company’s profitability now than ever before.  The energy markets are in constant change and it requires industry knowledge to know; the power and fuel trends, which complex pricing options make the most sense for your company, and which provider offers the best energy solution for your unique load profile.

    There are many factors that play a role in the price of electricity – the price of natural gas, the price of crude oil, market timing, and many others.  You need a partner like ElectricityTX that knows these markets and understands how to purchase electricity to suit your needs.

    Our strategic relationships with financially stable Retail Electric Providers allows us to quickly obtain quotes, market analysis, and competitive pricing for our customers.  We are committed to providing Texas businesses with reliable and cost effective energy solutions. The result is that ElectricityTX delivers a commitment to secure the best providers, best contracts, best prices, and superior customer service for your electricity needs.

    EnergyTX helps businesses get control of energy costs in today’s changing marketplace. Our mission is to provide our customers with objective consulting services, help manage the risk associated with energy procurement, and leverage our experience to deliver positive results to your business’ bottom-line.

    Energy Procurement

    We will analyze and request competitive bids for your unique electricity load and monitor wholesale energy commodity markets to determine the best time for electricity procurement or contract extension.

    Contract Management and RFP Generation

    We can help you negotiate contract language and terms for your commercial electricity needs, and we will advise you on contract execution, extensions, and renewals.

    Energy Market News and Reports

    Stay updated on what’s going on in the energy markets and important news concerning Texas electricity.

    Visit our Energy Center to learn more about Electricity Deregulation or our Commercial Energy Savings section to lower your monthly energy costs.

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    Green Energy

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    Service Areas

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    Business Savings

    Business Savings Get fast energy quotes for your business.
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