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    PUC – Public Utility Commission

    The PUC is basically responsible for overseeing the entire electricity system in Texas. It is run by one Chairman and two Commissioners all appointed by the Governor of Texas. The PUC enforces rules and regulations for retail competition, including customer protections, the “Price to Beat”, and implementing renewable energy goals. It is set up for your protection and to oversee electric competition in the State of Texas.

    The PUC also handles the licensing and rules enforcement to retail electric providers. They are also responsible for regulating the rates and terms for the Transmission and Distribution Service Providers (TDSP) and overseeing and monitoring the ERCOT market by, among other things, reviewing proposals for the construction of new transmission facilities.

    This state agency is responsible for the regulation and oversight of electric services in Texas.The mission of the Public Utility Commission of Texas is to protect customers, foster competition, and promote high quality infrastructure.

    The PUC also operates the website, that promotes electric competition in Texas. You can contact the PUC by going to:

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